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We are different, but we are united by love with ceramics and art.
Our studio was born in the Far North of Russia in Murmansk. And two years ago we moved to Kaliningrad. We are two artists who work in the studio: Nadya (@loumokot) and Olga (@olli_funs). Both of us are 37. We are best friends since childhood. We are different, but we are united by love with ceramics and art. We are so glad that people all over the world are into our arts.
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With warmth and love, Nadezhda and Olga.
About us
«You can create a masterpiece of clay by domesticating and loving it. We hope you will love our products as much as we love them and they will bring you a lot of positive emotions with their unique design, practicality, quality and environmental friendliness!»
You will be the creator of your own history. This is about the love within us and about what you want to say to the world without unnecessary words. Here I will talk about the intricacies and nuances in the work. I wanted to make your career as comfortable as possible, I hope I succeeded.
I’ll tell you how I got there, what doors will open before you when you learn to put your most daring ideas into practice.
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